Hi, I'm Emil!

I spend my time on data, econometrics & statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. My sparetime is used on tech, art & design, creating games & apps, photography, collecting records and some other neat stuff.

I'm a Research Associate employed by the School of Economics at University of Bristol where I work on Gene-Environment interactions. Previously, I acquired my PhD in economics from University of Southern Denmark under the supervision of Christian M. Dahl. The topic of my thesis was health and machine learning. I'm originally from Denmark but currently living in Bristol.

Most of what I do resides in the intersection between computer science, statistics and economics, and some people might label me as a data scientist - whatever that means.

I use R, javascript, python, tensorflow, node, opencv, react and lots of other great things on a regular basis.

I am also on facebook, linkedin, github and a couple of other places. That is, if you feel the need to stalk me further. Usually I prefer to simply receive an email at emns@sam.sdu.dk.